Your roadmap to success

When you set up a new business from scratch, it’s likely you will put pen to paper and create a business plan. If you are a whizz with spreadsheets, you will probably create 2 or 3 year predictions and if like me when I set up 10 years ago, they will be colour coded and look beautiful too!

But, what use is a business plan if it is based on guesswork and based on no supporting trading history or proof of concept. This is where franchising really comes into its own. Imagine being able to put together a business plan for your new business, have the support of a Head Office team who have worked in the industry for 10 years to answer your questions and guide you whilst being able to create your plan based on the company’s actual network averages.

Your business plan is your key to success and in a franchise the guess work is taken out of the spreadsheet. Busylizzy business owners record their membership sales, revenue, operational costs, marketing expenses (and ROI), gross and net profitability with ease every month. Busylizzy Business plans and budgets are therefore not based on ‘finger in the air’ guesses but on average network performance, coming out of business that are trading today – whether that’s pre COVID, during COVID or after.

More than this, we help you bring your business plan to life. Your business plan becomes your roadmap to success. You wouldn’t get in the car and drive 200 miles north without putting a destination into your sat nav. Consider your business plan as your business satnav. It’s broken down into manageable targets to aim for and ultimately guides you to your final destination. For this reason, your Busylizzy business plan becomes a working document to use daily in your business. It’s not dropped into a draw to get dusty and forget about, but instead it is used to record your success, respond to twists and turns in the road ahead and ultimately take you to your destination.

Take the guesswork out of your new business venture and let us guide you through 2021. For more information about running your own busylizzy club and to learn more about the business plan process, contact sandra and she will be able to answer your initial enquiries.