Trustist Reviews

In October 2020, Busylizzy partnered with Trustist, the online review service to showcase the Busylizzy customer experience. Hundreds of customers from around the globe use review platforms because they help consumers make informed decisions about a product or service but in franchising, getting reviews and showcasing them in one place can be a challenge due to the multiple social media platforms, website pages and google accounts throughout the network. Unlike a standalone business, a franchise network can have over 50 review placements which when combined are powerful but sadly become waterdown when viewed in isolation.

Trustist collaborates with most online and social media platforms, pulling them all together into one space. This gives customers a real sense of what the business as a whole is delivering for parents and helps develop more trust in the brand.

Trustist reviews were launched to members in Oct 2020 and we’ve already had an influx in over 80 ‘5 star’ reviews. It’s been heartwarming reading all the comments from parents and leaning how their Busylizzy experience has helped shaped a positive maternity leave experience for so many.