Training & Support

Quite simply, we want our franchise owners to be able to focus fully on the areas that will ensure their business is successful; delivering an excellent customer experience, building a positive reputation within the local community and driving sales. We hold your hand and guide you through setting up your Busylizzy® club. Covering training, marketing, recruiting instructors and admin support.

We don’t expect you to be an expert in every area and there will almost certainly be at least one part of the business you’ll need more assistance with such as sales and marketing, accounts or contracts. But don’t worry help is always on hand.

Our mandatory, new franchise owner training is required for the principal owner and/or operator of a new franchise. All aspects of the Operations Manual will be covered which includes use of all the Busylizzy® systems of operation, marketing, sales, administration and reporting financials as well as recruiting your instructor and support team. This training is comprehensive and will take place over a number of online zoom meetings and skype chats. Alongside your initial training, the hive support team will set to work preparing everything you need to set up and promote your new club. From staff uniform, stationery and class supplies to phone line, email, App and CRM systems – we’ll be busy behind the scenes holding your hand every step of the way.

After your initial training and club launch, we also provide assistance via zoom/skype with regular business updates and Company initiatives. The online training portal is available for your to access anytime so you always recap if needed. This consists of marketing material, business ‘how to’ guides & videos, class lesson plans and all the master documents, legal agreements and policies you need to run a successful business.

The hive support team are also available for additional ‘bolt on’ services which can include anything from system administration, tailored local marketing campaigns through to social media support. You have the option to manage these functions yourself, hand some of them over or get ad hoc assistance when you need it most i.e. that well deserved summer holiday or perhaps arrival of a 2nd baby!

Your success is our success and we’ll fully support you along your journey to running your own Family Club.


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