It was 2009. I was on maternity leave for the 2nd time and after moving from London to Surrey I felt an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. I had always been very sociable and enjoyed my career as a leisure professional in London so it came as a bit of a shock to feel so isolated in my new mummy world.

I joined the local gym and tried to get out and about with my young family but it wasn’t easy. I felt uneasy working-out surrounded by Lycra clad women who clearly hadn’t recently given birth. Booking a crèche session for two little ones to coincide with a gym class was like conducting a military operation and the other baby classes I attended were all hit and miss – often taking place on dusty floors in cold village halls.

The real turning point came when my children both developed chicken pox. I had to miss hundreds of pounds worth of classes for myself and two under 2’s over a 6 week period. It was during this time that I decided to pull on my experience as a leisure professional and do something about my new mummy world. Busylizzy was born!

Described as ‘ones to watch’ by HSBC head of franchising Andrew Brasstini, Busylizzy has completely transformed the way parents attend classes with their children. Mums workout with likeminded peers in our fitness classes and the best bit, no crèche required as your baby comes along too! Baby classes are fun, welcoming and taught by professionals who are insured and qualified for peace of mind and all classes take place in clean, modern family friendly venues.

To make life really easy for the modern parent, I developed an app where all classes are booked and if needed cancelled / rescheduled without penalty.

Since our first member’s club in Guildford 2011 we have seen significant growth across the U.K with over 12,000 families attending Busylizzy classes. What’s more, the community spirit Busylizzy has bought to each town is fabulous. Mums on maternity leave have a hub of friends, enjoy working out and supporting each other. We also host talks by health care professionals and seasonal parties for members. It’s a great business to be part of.

Looking back, its been an amazing journey born from my own struggles as a new mummy. I’m very proud of the business and the club owners who have bought a Busylizzy franchise and continue to provide the busylizzy experience in their local town.