your opportunity

A Busylizzy franchise is your opportunity to build a rewarding and versatile business that fits in around your lifestyle. Our flexible approach means you decide your level of financial return and personal success, and can grow your business in a way that suits you.

You might be looking for a chance to run your own business, want to learn new business skills or simply want a change of career. With our support and experience behind you, a Busylizzy franchise can give you the chance to achieve these goals. Our offer is robust, straightforward and profitable but be under no illusions – running a successful business can be tough. It requires hard work, dedication and plenty of commitment, so accordingly we will only award our franchise opportunities to the best possible candidates whom we firmly believe will be successful. We pride ourselves on our vigorous selection process and place just as much importance on ensuring that you are right for the business, as ensuring that the business is right for you.

proven demand

Busylizzy launched in September 2011 in the thick of the worst recession in 50 years. Our robust systems, innovative approach and flexible service ensured we came through the recession with gusto and we haven’t looked back.

Membership has grown monthly from day one and our unique offering has captured the imaginations of young families across the U.K. The Covid19 pandemic forced Busylizzy to think differently and we launched our online platform ‘Busylizzy LIVE!’ to rave reviews. With flexibility and accessibility already built into everything we do, all our franchise owners continued to trade profitably and in many cases grow their membership base.

huge market potential

According to the GOV.UK website, in 2019 alone, just under 700,000 babies were born in the U.K. That’s a lot of babies! And a lot of potential new customers every year, year on year.

The average U.K household is 2.4 children and with an average of 2.5 years between each child, so repeat customers is a big opportunity in our business.

launch a Busylizzy club in your area

This is your chance to start and grow a business that belongs to you – fully supported by an established brand and a highly-experienced Head Office team. Our ‘business in a box franchise’ has incredible advantages as we provide everything you need from operational know-how, equipment, website & a fully configured app.

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