Taking control of your destiny

Do you feel like you’re locked in? Stuck in a job you no longer enjoy or that just doesn’t excite you anymore? Perhaps you have a young family and the career progression that motivated you throughout your 20/30’s just doesn’t cut it anymore. The 9 – 5 is becoming tedious and that gut wrenching feeling of guilt when you log off to collect your little one from nursery is weighing you down. Your boss doesn’t ‘get’ that your little ones are more important than anything else right now. It’s a shift that many of us experience after maternity leave.

My name is Julie, I’m the founder of Busylizzy and sadly, these questions and feelings are shared with me by hundreds of women (and men) each year. Having a family is life changing in many ways and I certainly wasn’t prepared for the shift I would personally experience when I had my two children 12 years ago.

In 2011, I decided to do something about it and set up the first Busylizzy UK club in Surrey. Before long hundreds of local parents were attending classes with their little ones and I had carved out a new job/business for myself that worked perfectly around my then two toddlers. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work and I made LOTS of mistakes but looking back now, I feel so privileged to have been around every day for my children – blending the business inbetween school picks ups, clubs and playdates.

Fast forward 10 years and this start up business has won awards and grown into a network of Busylizzy clubs across the U.K. Each club is owned and operated by a local mum who (like me) wanted to take control of their own destiny and run a business that fits in with their family life.

Imagine, no more 9-5. No more boss telling you when to work and when you can log off. No more rushed nursery drop offs each morning.

When you run your own Busylizzy business, you are in control of your own destiny. You are in the driving seat making the decisions for your business, fully supported by a head office team who between them have over 50 years experience in the industry to help guide you.

If you are itching to take control of your own future, take a look at the Busylizzy franchise opportunity in your area and get in touch if you’d like more details.