Running a busylizzy club can be emotionally and financially rewarding. Working with young families and supporting your local community comes with running your own busylizzy club. Friendships are made, memories created and experiences shared amoungst likeminded new friends. It’s great to bee part of it!

If you’re looking for greater purpose in your career, what better way to achieve it than by owning a busylizzy franchise?

Yes, your franchise can help mums get back to fitness or help nurture and stimulate babies. But just as important, you’ll savor all the small moments:

  • The big smile you’ll see on a little baby’s face when he completes his Baby Picasso class masterpiece.
  • Watching the light bulb come on when a baby understands how to communicate in a Baby Signing class.
  • The heart-felt “thank you” from a mum who felt so isolated and suffered with postnatal depression after having her baby and now regulary exercises with her baby and has a lovely bunch of friends to hangout with.

With each of these special moments, you’ll know you made the best decision possible when you chose a busylizzy franchise.

The Busylizzy difference for women

Learn why the entrepreneurial women of busylizzy believe we’re one of the best franchises for women:

The women who gravitate to busylizzy franchises have had successful careers in fields such as business, sales and education, administration and marketing/sales. But for many, they were missing something. A sense of purpose. The ability to make a difference. The flexibility that comes with being your own boss.

Busylizzy meets all these needs and more. If you invest in our franchise, your work will provide an emotional return you never could have imagined. Every day, you’ll change parent’s and children’s lives and make a lasting impact on your community — in addition to having an opportunity to excel financially.

You’ll join a network that’s committed to your ongoing growth and success as a female franchise owner. Our franchise training programs and support systems are best in class and are designed to help you flourish. 100% of our existing franchise owners are women – the majority of which are also working around young children.

The right skills for franchise success

Busylizzy women tend to have skills that are a natural fit with what it takes to succeed as a Busylizzy franchise owner:

  • The ability to effectively multi-task (we know it’s an art!)

  • Strong networking and interpersonal skills
  • The ability to build relationships with parents, parenting groups and others in your community
  • A commitment to working hard to ensure success


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