Proven Demand

Busylizzy launched in September 2011 in the thick of the worst recession in 50 years. Our robust systems, innovative approach and flexible service ensured we came through the recession with gusto and we haven’t looked back. Membership has grown monthly from day one and our unique offering has captured the imaginations of young families across the U.K.  The Covid19 pandemic forced Busylizzy to think differently and we launched our online platform ‘Busylizzy LIVE!’ to rave reviews and allowed all our franchise owners to trade profitably and in many cases grow their membership base.

21st Century Parents

According to the GOV.UK website, in 2018 alone, just under 700,000 babies were born in the U.K. That’s a lot of babies! Long gone are the days where stay at home mums sit and nurture their off spring awaiting the return of their husbands from work each day. Being a new mum today is about juggling part-time work, dashing out the door on the school run and managing the house and chores.

Meet Lizzy

Lizzy is our typical member. She drops her eldest off at school at 8:15am, books a class via her app and heads over to her Mummy&Me Pilates with her 6 month old baby at 10am followed by a Baby Music session at 11am.

A well deserved lunch and coffee follows with a fellow mummy in town. It’s not all play though… Lizzy uses her iPhone to send some work emails and returns a few important calls whilst her baby naps. It’s a juggle as she grabs dinner on the school pick up at 4pm.

At 8pm Lizzy takes part in an online live stream talk on Busylizzy LIVE!

Family life and work is hectic. Family fitness and well-being are important to Lizzy and a busylizzy membership makes it all that little bit easier!


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