earning potential

The beauty of a busylizzy franchise is that you’re in complete control of your financial future. You’ll know exactly how much money you’ll have each month, because the majority of your customers are monthly contracted members. This provides huge financial security and builds your business into a very valuable asset.

You are in control of your own destiny. You are in the driving seat making the decisions for your business and it’s you who reaps the rewards.

residual Income… It’s like a giant snowball!

A recurring monthly membership model is the business model of choice amongst entrepreneurs. A membership model sells to its existing customers again and again. Although you will need to jump through challenging hoops to win the very first sale – you will find that sale number 2+ (the subsequent monthly payments) are much simpler yet just as fruitful.

You can watch your membership base grow and predict future revenue potentials. Retaining your members with a suitable timetable and excellent customer experience combined with strong new membership sales will ensure your club grows month on month.

extra revenue streams… in your hands!

Not satisfied with monthly membership revenue, each club has additional revenues streams to tap into. These include gift vouchers, advertising opportunities with local businesses and revenue from talks and seasonal events. This is where relationship building and networking within your local area pays dividends. The more time and effort you put in, the greater your return.

future plans

A big advantage of owning a Busylizzy franchise is that you can build a thriving business and when the day comes that you wish to leave, you have the option of cashing in what you have built rather than just walking away. You can sell your valuable business asset to either a new or existing owner who is interested in running your club as a going concern.

Whilst you would ultimately be responsible for the sale of your own business, we have lots of experience in this area and hold your hand throughout to give you guidance on the various selling options, valuing your business and navigating the process of the sale.

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