A flexible approach

A busylizzy franchise offers you a versatile business, allowing you to work around your family. This flexible approach means you decide your level of financial return and personal success. You are responsible for the scheduling of your timetables, so you can build a business that works around your family life. No more stressful nursery pick ups, long commutes and missed sports days. Our web based systems are so easy to use that you can work from anywhere at anytime – whether that’s from home, the local coffee shop or office. The pop-up nature of our venues enables timetables to move and change quickly in response to membership demands. No expensive fixed overheads tying you down.

Online portal

Franchisees access our Online Portal (digital operations manual) which is packed full of club and business information. From legal agreements to social media graphics, revenue reporting to class descriptions, we have it covered. The Online Portal is updated reguarly with busylizzy initiatives and ideas so all our clubs have everything they need at their finger tips. No paperwork. Intead simple systems designed to keep you up to date and ensure the smooth running of your club at every level.

A smart app for smart parents

All parents should have the super-handy busylizzy app on their phone or tablet. Each club has it’s own custom app which is packed full of class and venue information, member offers and the booking system. Club owners can ‘push’ important club news to all users devices and busylizzy parents are 100% engaged with their club. Intrigued? Go ahead and add it to your device to see what all the fuss is about. It’s free to download from your app store – simply search ‘busylizzy’ and add any club of your choice.

Busylizzy LIVE!

Our online platform Busylizzy LIVE! is available to members who can’t attend our studio classes. This amazing service was developed as a direct result of the Covid19 pandemic, but has been such as success that its here to stay.  Nobody else in the UK can compete with our range of studio and online classes for pre-postnatal fitness and baby classes.


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