Our 8 step process

For added simplicity, we’ve created a streamlined approach to securing a Busylizzy franchise. Our recruitment process is designed to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the financial investment you are making along with the potential risks and rewards.

The recruitment process usually takes between 1 to 3 months during which time you will have net-meetings with various members of the Busylizzy team including the founder, managing director and franchise director to ensure you are a good fit for the business.

Learn more about the individual steps by clicking on the tabs below.

Am i suitable?

We welcome people from a wide range of backgrounds, but essential for any Busylizzy franchise is a genuine passion for the customer experience and a true service ethos, coupled with a strong determination to succeed. Experience of working with children is not required but you should be able to demonstrate significant success and achievement in your chosen field throughout the course of your career to date.

Only those with excellent credit ratings can apply – Our financial systems are robust and PCi compliant and do not withstand CCJ’s, Individual Voluntary Arrangements to manage personal debt or previous business liquidation.

What qualities are we looking for?

  • A people person – do you find it easy to strike up conversation in a friendly way and engage with both parents, children and corporate clientele?
  • Computer literate with own computer and internet access at home?
  • Ambition and determination to succeed – lots of energy and drive. Self-motivated with a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Management – ability to manage a team of instructors. Think quick on your feet, deal with operational ‘blips’, listen to feedback and implement change quickly.
  • You don’t need to have experience teaching children. As a management franchise, it’s all about being organised. You must be business minded and have good attention to detail.

What do we expect from you?

  • To source venue(s) and manage these relationships
  • To recruit, manage and motivate a team of instructors
  • To actively promote your business and drive membership sales
  • To manage your own day to day operation of the business
  • To manage your own administration, payroll, suppliers
  • To enjoy running your own business flexibly around your family

Is franchising right for you?

Work out whether franchising is right for you by completing the British Franchise Association’s FREE Prospect Franchisee Certificate (PFC).

Watch our overview video

We strongly recommend you watch our 2 minute franchise video below.

1-2-1 Explorer net-meeting booking form

Please complete the form below to the best of your ability. All applicants will contacted within 5 days of receipt. Your details are safe and secure and will only be used for franchise purposes. We advise that you also join our online platform Busylizzy LIVE! so you have a better understand of our virtual membership offering.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Attend an online explorer meeting

You will be invited to attend an informal online explorer meeting where you get the opportunity to learn more about Busylizzy and our franchise model. Our sessions typically run for 1.5 hours and are audio only, but we share our screen throughout (to show you demographic maps, training portal, photos and videos etc). We then hold an open Q&A at the end of the meeting to ensure all your questions are answered.

We use Zoom netmeeting software, so its very simple to take part on your laptop, pc or tablet. Agenda for our explorer meetings include: The 8 step franchise process, detailed territory options, top-line financial forecasts, network performance, the business planning process and the open Q&A.

Online interview with our founder

Following the explorer meeting and if you are still interested in investigating our franchise opportunity – you will be invited to an online interview with Julie our founder. This is your chance to shine! Julie will want to learn more about you, your work experience, your family and most importantly, your desire to own one of our Busylizzy Franchise territories. Our franchisees are all parents themselves running their businesses around their little ones but it’s the passion to run your own Busylizzy club that motivates you to succeed.

As a business owner, you will be responsible for a team of instructors and hundreds of members, you will host high quality classes and talks, you will build relationships with local businesses and you will have fabulous customer service skills. This is all wrapped up in the passion you have personally to make a difference for the local parents in your local community.

Deposit & business plan

The next step is to provisionally secure your chosen territory with a refundable deposit* and to start creating your business plan. This process will help you to crystallise your thoughts and develop a clear strategy to achieve your objectives. It will also include a full set of financial projections to gauge profitability and ensure your plans are viable.

Starting a new franchise business without a comprehensive business plan is rather like going on an important car journey without a map, not knowing how safe your car is and how much petrol you have or will need to reach your destination! Do you really want to leave so much to chance or do you want to give yourself the best possible opportunity to arrive safely, or in the case of your business, make sure that you achieve your key business objectives without running out of money? This is why having a good business plan, whether you are borrowing money or not, is so important. It acts like your business Sat Nav, helping to guide you from where you are now to where you want to get to in the future. Helping you to see what is around the corner and giving you something to regularly measure your actual progress against.

*Clear T&C are provided in deposit agreement.

Business plan presentation

You will be required to formally run present your business plan, financials and ideas for your business to the Managing Director and Founder.  During this meeting they will critique your plan and financial viability asking you questions to ensure you have fully investigated all aspects of the business. After this meeting your application will either be accepted and a franchise will be offered, or declined and your deposit refunded*.

Assuming all goes well, your Franchise Agreement will be drawn up. The Franchise Agreement will provide you with in-depth information about the Busylizzy franchise and lists all the legal obligations and responsibilities. This is an exciting step in the process, as you are only a signature away from becoming a Busylizzy franchisee and business owner.

*Clear T&C provided on deposit agreement.

Start your business

Congratulations, you are embarking on a new life as a busylizzy franchisee. Your next step is to learn all you can at New Franchise Owner Training.


Our mandatory, new franchisee training is required for the principal owner and/or operator of a new franchise. All aspects of the Normal Operating Procedure will be covered which includes use of all the Busylizzy systems of operation, marketing, administration and reporting financials as well as recruiting your instructor team. This training is comprehensive and will take place over a number of sessions via net meetings

Alongside your initial training, our back office team will set to work preparing everything you need to set up and promote your new club so you can concentrate on getting to know ‘Busylizzy’ YOUR family club.  From staff uniform, stationery, class supplies to phone line, email and CRM systems – we’ll be busy behind the scenes holding your hand every step of the way.

After your initial training and club launch, we provide assistance via the phone, email communications or in person. Our online training hub is available for you to access anytime and consists of marketing material, ‘how to’ guides & videos, class lesson plans and all the master documents you need to run a successful business. Our head office team are available for Q&A assistance for as long as you need it.

Your success is our success and we’ll fully support you along your journey to running your own Family Club.


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