Is flexible work REALLY flexible?

Busylizzy founder Julie Clabby speaks to hundreds of women each year about maternity leave, returning to work and more recently, the impact of working from home and fatigue felt by employees returning to the office. Julie shares her insights and thoughts in the workplace for 2022.

Returning to work after maternity leave has always been a challenge for parents. When you become a parent, your entire world changes. Everybody tells you that it will happen, but until you are holding that precious little bundle in your arms you cannot even begin to comprehend the shift in your priorities. All of a sudden, this little person has become the centre of your world and every decision that you make heavily hinges on their happiness and wellbeing. Even the most ambitious, career minded women who had planned to take the minimum maternity leave and get back to work as quickly as possible may start to question whether a return to their career is the right thing for them and their family. Many parents are seeking a new flexible working environment so they can see more of their family.

Throughout the last 18 months, we’ve seen a huge rise in the ability to work from home. This has many benefits but we’re also hearing parents struggling to keep on top of their workload squeezing what is essentially 5 days work into 4 days and still being a slave to their bosses’ demands. We’re also seeing that working from home doesn’t necessarily mean ‘flexibility to work when you wish’ either. Quite often employees are required to attend set regular meetings, log into timekeeping software, be available 8-5 (or later) for calls and still find themselves dashing down the road picking little ones up from nursery or school and missing those important events.

So, how do you cut away from the corporate apron ties and find work that fits? The search term ‘start my own business’ was one of the highest ranked search terms in 2020 and for good reason. Running your own business gives you the complete freedom to map out your day/week. It’s not for everyone though. In my opinion, successful business owners share the same traits including high level organisation, time management and unflappable ambition. Being your own boss takes a lot of self motivation and for the right candidates, it can lead to a truly flexible working lifestyle where parents can balance the inbox and business needs around childcare, family days and coffee shop meetings. Moreso, the beauty of a franchise business is the systems, branding, processes, infrastructure and HQ team are already in place, lessening the risk for new business owners stepping into the world of self employment for the first time.

If you are looking for a truly flexible working opportunity, are self motivated and have a passion to run your own business, let’s chat. We have Busylizzy opportunities in various locations across the UK and waiting lists of eager parents ready to join.