Simplicity is at the forefront of everything we do. We want our franchise owners to be crystal clear on exactly what they can expect from us, and what we expect from them – so we’ve worked hard to develop a model that is straightforward and easy to understand. The franchise fee for a Busylizzy® Family Club is £9,999 plus VAT which includes FREE training, FREE Legal fees and FREE marketing and merchandise packs.

Our fee structure is designed to be fair and ethical.  We simply charge you 9.5% of your monthly sales turnover (+ VAT).

A contribution of 2.5% of your monthly sales turnover (+ VAT) goes towards our central marketing activity (big ticket items such as TV, Radio, or National Press). This activity is managed by a committee made up of Franchise Owners.

Our online class platform Busylizzy LIVE! is managed centrally for you and gives you an immediate platform to start trading in the virtual arena. Club owners make a small contribition to this amazing service.

Each month you will contribute 3% turnover to the 3rd party merchant provider who collects all debit and credit card fees and handles all online transactions and reporting – plus 20p per transaction. This frees you from the daily grind of administering your accounts leaving you time to promote and grow your membership.

We would recommend working capital in the region of £5,000 to pay for your venues & instructors whilst your membership model grows. You will be required to carry out a detailed business planning process which includes a cash-flow forecast and all related expenses (templates provided) to help you accurately assess the working capital required in your business to meet your targets.

We have excellent relationships with the main high street banks and we can help you raise up to 70% of the required funding based upon our established, successful and replicable business model (Franchise Fee + Working Capital). You will need to have an excellent credit rating as our financial systems are robust and PCi compliant and do not withstand CCJ’s, Individual Voluntary Arrangements to manage personal debt or previous business liquidation.

What do I receive from my initial investment?

  • Web pack (design of your club website & smart phone App, email address, use of image library, logos and graphics)

  • Advertising pack (bespoke flyers, pull up stand, posters, A-board, gift vouchers, leaflets and more)

  • Social media pack (facebook and instagram set-up + promotional graphics)

  • Operational pack (Interactive franchise owner portal, operational manual, online training portal, configured CRM & booking system, stationery, business cards, letter heads etc)

  • Class pack (Lesson plans/guidelines and best practise templates for all classes)

  • Equipment pack (Class props/equipment, fitness equipment, uniform)

  • Legal pack (Instructor, venue & 3rd party contracts, use of membership t&c’s, privacy policy)

  • A 5 year franchise agreement for your territory with the right to renew for a further 5 years at the end of this term at no additional cost.

  • Extensive training and new business owner on-boarding

  • A protected territory to operate your business

  • Access to Busylizzy LIVE! so you can generate membership sales online

  • Peer to peer support from the Busylizzy network


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