Busylizzy is a boutique fitness club for mums and little ones. Members join whilst on maternity leave and enjoy a whole of of fitness classes with their children 0-4 yrs. In September 2017, Michelle Lane was given the opportunity to buy an existing franchise – Busylizzy Reigate. As a local parent and previous owner of a Water Babies franchise, we knew that Michelle had what it took to run a fabulous family fitness club but her ability to motivate her team and achieve real results has surpassed all expectations.

After completing the initial Busylizzy training, Michelle took over the existing team of instructors, venue contracts and suppliers and set about surrounding herself with more great people to bolster her network. Priority was spent re-training and motivating her team, ensuring every aspect of the operations manual was followed and rewarding her growing membership of new families’ (clients) with a Christmas party and Busylizzy branded gifts for all. The personal touch went along way and by the New Year, word had spread that Busylizzy Reigate was the friendliest place in town to enjoy fitness classes with your baby.

Fast forward nine months and Michelle results speak for themselves. A new line of pregnancy classes has been introduced, club membership has doubled, net profit is up over 50% and membership retention is over 90%  Michelle is also at the top of the new membership sales leaderboard month on month and continues to lead the network from the front. Impressed – of course! But when you also learn that this has been achieved whilst running the business around her young family and with an emotional setback of an unwell father over the summer, it’s even that more impressive.

Julie Clabby founder of Busylizzy said “Michelle is a fabulous role model for women in business –  proving that with organisation, structure and by surrounding yourself with a motivated team, you can achieve great results and the desired work/life balance. Michelle’s infectious personality shines through the heart of her business and both Busylizzy members and wider team love her.”

When asked what plans are in the pipeline for Busylizzy Reigate, Michelle said “I’m planning to expand the business further in to Horley now that I’m confident the Reigate area of my territory is in a great place”. When asked what she enjoys about running her business, Michelle said “I simply love my job. It doesn’t feel like work; I never get that Monday morning dread because I genuinely enjoy every aspect of it and seeing the difference it makes to families is priceless”

For information about Busylizzy Reigate contact reigate@busylizzy.co.uk or call 01737 887 227
For information about The Busylizzy Franchise opportunity contact martin@busylizzy.co.uk or call 01483 610 414