Are you ready to challenge yourself?

There are many benefits to running your own business. You will often hear about the flexibility of running your own diary, setting your own meetings and being able to work around your family and other commitments but have you considered that running your own business will be the biggest challenge you will ever set yourself?

When you embark on your new venture, whether that’s with the support of a franchisor and network or if you go it alone, you will embark on a huge learning curve. You might be an expert in your field, manage a huge team or report to the CEO in your current company but you won’t know everything about running a business – in fact, you probably won’t know much about running a business and that’s fine!

When you start on your new business venture, you will challenge yourself and learn new skills you’ve never thought of before. Perhaps you are an expert in accounts but novice at social media. Perhaps brilliant at marketing but never managed a small budget ROI before. Maybe you’ve organised large events but never had to file a tax return or interview someone before. These are a few examples of the skills you will learn as a new business owner and the many hats you will wear. Call it the ‘university of how to run a business!’

At Busylizzy, our franchise business owners have a wealth of skills and backgrounds including sales, accountancy, PR and event management but no-one joins the team ‘business ready’. Everyone has at least 1 (usually 3 or 4) areas that they need help and additional training or support. The head office team is brilliant and there to catch and help you when required. The learning curve is steep but before long you will master social media and marketing, become a whizz at reports/P&L’s/trends and able to negotiate a venue deal like a demon.

Are you looking for a new challenge? Busylizzy is a British Franchise Association accredited business and we welcome people from a wide range of backgrounds. No previous experience required.

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